Cooking classes

Teaching your kids to cook may make them eat better and live a healthier life long term.


Do you want your child to learn to cook? Would you like to encourage healthy eating?

 Nutrition For Kids cooking workshops are an extra-curricular activity for primary school children focused on healthy food that' s fun and simple to make.

Lead by holistic nutritionist Sarah Appleford, these term-based cooking classes are designed to enhance the children’s skills and confidence in the kitchen as well as promote healthy eating. In each workshop, students make 1-2 dishes in pairs which they can eat at the end of the session or take home to share with their family.

Each weekly session includes an educational component where the kids will learn about the ingredients or nutrients and their importance for overall health. Recipes will be provided to enable the kids to cook the dishes at home for you! All dishes focus on healthy, whole foods made with affordable and accessible ingredients.

The main objective of the cooking workshops is to enhance the student' s skills and confidence in the kitchen as well as promote healthy eating. 

The Nutrition For Kids workshops are run at primary schools throughout the Geelong region once per week. Cooking facilities are required. All cooking equipment used for the sessions and ingredients are supplied by Nutrition For Kids. Term enrolment is required.

Want Nutrition For Kids Healthy Cooking Classes at your school?

Send us a message and we’ll discuss the finer details.