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1:1 nutrition consultations

1:1 nutrition consults

Book an in-person or online consult with registered nutritionist Sarah Appleford to gain a personalised health assessment and treatment plan. Read more…


gut microbiome testing

gut microbiome testing

Gain an in-depth understanding of your child’s unique gut microbiome with a new-age microbiome test and individualised treatment plan. Read more…

Renovate your life

Renovate your life

Arrange a dietary assessment and plan, individual supermarket tour or an in-home kitchen makeover with nutritionist Sarah Appleford. Read more…

kids Cooking


Cooking class

Enquire about running term-based healthy cooking classes at your childcare facility or primary school with registered nutritionist Sarah Appleford. Read more...


Not sure where to begin?

Not sure which nutrition service is right for you and your child?

Finding the right nutritionist to work with is important for long term success. If you are unsure where to start on your child’s health journey or simply want to know if we’re the right fit for you, why not take up the opportunity to have a 15 minute FREE wellness discovery call with nutritionist Sarah Appleford.

Together, we’ll discuss your child’s health concerns and how they are affecting them. We’ll talk about your goals and the approach we may take to help improve your child’s health. By the end of the call, you’ll get an understanding of how we practice and what you’ll receive from a nutrition consult.

Click below to book your obligation-free wellness call.