Renovate your life

Feel overwhelmed about how to create a healthy environment for your children? Perhaps you find shopping for nutritious foods a confusing experience.


To help you clarify aspects of your family’s health, holistic nutritionist Sarah Appleford offers the following services. These services are aimed to improve your child’s dietary needs and make leading a healthy lifestyle an easier and more enjoyable experience for the entire family.

They are very individualised and take into account your family’s lifestyle, budget, dietary requirements and access to fresh produce.

Diet analysis & food plans

If you simply want to find out whether your child meets their nutrient requirements, Sarah Appleford can analyse their current diet and offer a customised food plan that includes any recommendations. This service is entirely online and includes a 15 minute phone consultation. This offering is ideal for those looking to achieve optimal health and who are focused on illness prevention.


supermarket tours

Navigating the supermarket to find nutritious offerings for your children can be a daunting experience. Join nutritionist Sarah Appleford on an individual tour of your local supermarket where you will learn about finding the best produce, reading food labels and healthy food swaps.

INDIVIDUAL TOUR (75 MINS) - $ 120.00

kitchen makeovers

Is your pantry full but you never have anything to feed your children? Allow Sarah Appleford to work with you on creating a healthy home environment. This in-home visit will include reorganising your pantry and fridge, food label education and identifying healthy food swaps.


To take up one of these offerings, contact us at the clinic to arrange a suitable time.