Healthy Little Eaters Game

Healthy Little Eaters Game


Healthy Little Eaters Memory & Puzzle game designed to educate your child about the benefits of fruit and vegetables.

Get your kids excited about healthy foods

Through matching games, memory games, quizzes and making a fun puzzle, children will learn the link between fresh wholefoods and body parts. Each fruit or vegetable correlates with a body part.

For example:

Tomato - Eat tomatoes for a strong pumping heart
Heart - Among other powerful antioxidants, tomatoes are packed with lycopene. Lycopene can help to keep your heart and blood healthy and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Play by themselves or with others

The Healthy Little Eaters is a great game children can play by themselves or amongst their peers, or get the whole family involved.

Being small, it’s a handy game to take while out and about or travelling. And, it’s the perfect gift both children and their parents will love.

Product Details

The Healthy Little Eaters game was developed by nurse and mum, Kate Pearce.
It’s suitable for children aged 2+.
Each pack includes 24 colourful playing cards.

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