Kids Gut Health Webinar

Kids Gut Health Webinar


The Kids Gut Health Webinar provides you with an introduction to the gut microbiome.

Over 49 minutes, nutritionist Sarah Appleford discusses what gut health actually means, the gut microbiome and what occurs in an unhealthy gut.

Sarah talks about the key influencing factors of gut microbiome development in children and the key disruptors. The signs and symptoms of a compromised gut will also be discussed.

During the Kids Gut Health Webinar, you’ll gain an understanding of a treatment approach for healing the gut and restoring a child’s microbiome. Sarah will also provide valuable advice to help support your child’s gut health including dietary and lifestyle tips.

Finally, Sarah will discuss the world of probiotics and what you need to consider when purchasing probiotics. She will also give you an insight into the benefits of gut testing in the healing of the microbiome and optimising your child’s health.

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